How can we help your business?

Headswitch was founded by Leanne Knowles, who has been helping businesses and sport organisations achieve new levels of performance since January 2000. Leanne is a business performance coach, consultant and speaker and she is passionate about helping people fulfil their dreams. “I love what business can do for people’s lives.  When we participate in sport and business, we get to create something very tangible and valuable out of an idea, a passion or a burning need to make a difference.”

Leanne is also a master in creating teams and teamwork and she has assembled a line up of smart, business savvy coaches and consultants, each with decades of experience to support her in service delivery.  Each person on her team has forged their own way through the challenges of business, leadership and entrepreneurship and brings to each client a rich reserve of knowledge and problem solving insight from which to draw.

Values drive our behaviour…

Agile - We are agile, adaptable and willing to be whatever we need to be to serve our customers

Integrity - We do the right thing, we value our reputation, we communicate and we are reliable

Passion - We love what we do, we love to make a difference and we get excited about results

Responsibility - We hold ourselves accountable and we stand behind our work

Generosity - Our egos sit in the back seat, we make you look good and we care what you think

Success - We produce results, we save you money, we are successful only if our clients are delighted