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One thing TO DO TODAY to increase sales

When your prospective customer decides to make a purchase with you, make sure you deliver beyond their expectations each and every time. Without fail. ..Read full article

One thing TO DO TODAY to build trust with your customers

Design your marketing program around promises.

When you begin courting your prospective customers, create opportunities to make small promises and deliver on those promises, beyond their expectations.

This might include making small value purchases available specifically to create a relationship.

This will earn you the right to ask for greater trust.  Up selling and cross selling then becomes a natural part of the relationship.

by Leanne Knowles


One thing TO DO TODAY to get an edge on your competition

Explore the unsettled and risky part inside yourself.  Shake up conventional business formulas and come up with a new way of doing what you know. ..Read full article

One thing TO DO TODAY to build customer loyalty

Find 5 or 6 loyal customers from your own business who just really love what you do.

Ask them round for a meal and get to know them better.  Find out what is it that works for them about what you do.

Do more of that everywhere in your business.

By Leanne Knowles


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