One thing TO DO TODAY to get an edge on your competition

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One thing TO DO TODAY to build customer loyalty

Remember that everything you do is a communication.

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One Thing TO DO TODAY to Improve Productivity

Reinvent the way you speak.

Ask your business colleagues what are the words that you use most?  Do you do corporate speak, or do you touch, move and inspire people?  Your words have the power to galvanise your team into action, and connect your business mission with the hopes and dreams of each individual in the group.  Powerful stuff.

By Leanne Knowles

One Thing TO DO TODAY to Improve Business Performance

Reinvent yourself as a coach to your team

The new generation of people expect to be coached, mentored, developed and trained.  The old style authoritarian boss already doesn’t work.  If you want to attract and retain good staff, and get the best performance and productivity from them, your investment in coaching and developing them will pay many times over. Effective communication is your access to improved business performance.

By Leanne Knowles

One thing TO DO TODAY to build customer loyalty

Have you ever been invited to a customer’s birthday party?

Get yourself invited or better still; offer to hold the party at your place.