Top Ten B2B Trends for 2013

If you are a marketer in the B2B space, and you are not the market leader in your niche, then it can feel like hard work all the way.  But how do you get to be market leader when everyone else is trying to do the same thing?

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New B2B Growth Strategy Workshop Feb 2013

I am very excited to launch our new B2B Growth Strategy Workshop which is scheduled for 1st February, 2013 in Melbourne.  This strategy will fire up your sales and get you on your way to market leadership.

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B2B Growth gets a boost

If you are a marketer in the B2B space, and you are not the market leader in your niche, then it can feel like hard work all the way.  Am I right?

The three biggest challenges I see for B2B Sales & Marketing are:

  1. Creating buyer demand
  2. Engaging those prospective buyers that are not yet sales ready, and keeping them engaged, and
  3. Gleaning new efficiencies between Sales and Marketing activities.

A picture of the current model

Somewhere, every day, there is a tired old B2B Sales and Marketing campaign rolling out, attempting to cut through the clutter and gain the interest and commitment of their target market.

Over and over again, worn out sales and marketing executives are doing effectively the same thing year in and year out, hoping for a different result.

From time to time they try something new – media releases, advertorials, trade advertising, industry briefings, workshops.  But nothing seems to really make a huge impact.  Nothing much changes over time.

Even with a hard working and skilled sales team, there is a lot of time, energy and resources spent for an insufficient return.  Instinctively, there must be another way. 

There are two key factors that make it feel like a struggle…

  1. Cold leads stay cold – there is no buyer side demand
  2. Warm leads leak out – when a prospect is not ready to buy, there is no reason to stick around

The Case for a Fresh Approach - ‘Rocket Fuel’ Growth Strategy

We have developed a 360 degree, multi-channel, integrated communication strategy that will fuel sales and profit growth.

The ‘Rocket Fuel’ Growth Strategy is for businesses selling B2B products, services and solutions that are dissatisfied with their current strategy and current results.

‘Rocket Fuel’ is an innovative growth strategy that creates buyer side demand, and leverages your direct selling activities for accelerated results.

Unlike many B2B sales and marketing programs that are largely disconnected and often uninspiring to their market, ‘Rocket Fuel’ is highly targeted, full of personality and brings out the sexy in your B2B offering, helping convert it into sales.

I will be writing more about this in the coming weeks and months so keep an eye on this blog for updates and more information.

One Thing TO DO TODAY to Improve Productivity

Reinvent the way you speak.

Ask your business colleagues what are the words that you use most?  Do you do corporate speak, or do you touch, move and inspire people?  Your words have the power to galvanise your team into action, and connect your business mission with the hopes and dreams of each individual in the group.  Powerful stuff.

By Leanne Knowles

One Thing TO DO TODAY to Improve Business Performance

Reinvent yourself as a coach to your team

The new generation of people expect to be coached, mentored, developed and trained.  The old style authoritarian boss already doesn’t work.  If you want to attract and retain good staff, and get the best performance and productivity from them, your investment in coaching and developing them will pay many times over. Effective communication is your access to improved business performance.

By Leanne Knowles