5 Business Lessons I learned from BASE Jumping

You’ve heard the saying ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’…imagine being a BASE jumper, standing at the top of a 300 meter high tower in the middle of nowhere, parachute ready, and preparing to launch yourself at the horizon and into thin air.

You’d learn a few things about yourself and what you’re capable of, wouldn’t you?  In my restless youth I learned some lessons and came out the other side in good shape.  I’ve been putting some of those lessons to good use in business.

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Keys to Productivity

Welcome to the Productivity Series of articles in the Headswitch People Power in Business Blog.

Productivity in simple economic terms is a measure of the efficiency of production (the act of creating value).  Said another way, it is a measure of the level of resources required to produce the same result.  Productivity is your Competitive Advantage.

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