One thing TO DO TODAY to increase brand value

Find three businesses you admire in your own industry sector and learn how they create an emotional connection with their customers.

Take that learning back to your business and ask yourself these questions in order:

  1. Who are my customers?
  2. What are they passionate about?
  3. What do they fear? What is their pain?
  4. How does my product or service provide the solution?
  5. Where am I keeping my customers at arms length – and not getting the message through?
  6. What action does my business need to take to let them in?
  7. What action does my business need to take to get into their world?

By Leanne Knowles

One thing TO DO TODAY to increase sales

Make it easy for your happy customers to tell their friends and family and business colleagues how fantastic you are.

Create a referral program that records and manages referrals – as well as incentives and thank you gifts for making a referral.

Online Social Media tools provide many low cost and simple methods to get started.

By Leanne Knowles


One thing TO DO TODAY to increase sales

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One thing TO DO TODAY to build trust with your customers

Design your marketing program around promises.

When you begin courting your prospective customers, create opportunities to make small promises and deliver on those promises, beyond their expectations.

This might include making small value purchases available specifically to create a relationship.

This will earn you the right to ask for greater trust.  Up selling and cross selling then becomes a natural part of the relationship.

by Leanne Knowles


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