Get Your Business Flying

Headswitch is now incorporating Tandem skydiving as a tool to help business owners grow their business faster.

We are pleased and proud to launch our new Workshop series that begins with a Tandem Skydive and finishes with an intensive full day business-planning workshop.  The Workshop series is called ‘Get Your Business Flying’ and we’ve teamed up with Skydive The Beach Melbourne (photo courtesy of Skydive the Beach) to bring you an extraordinary experience in every way.

Science tells us that mindset and perception drives our actions, and those actions in turn produce a set of results.  We help our workshop participants find the mindset they need to produce breakthrough results.

Normally the only option available to a business owner is to work harder and ask their team to work harder.  Under these circumstances they could normally expect to produce a 5% or 10% increase in sales, or new customers or whatever is their measure of growth.

However, breakthrough results require breakthrough thinking. This workshop series is designed to dramatically alter the mindset of our business owner participants immediately before we begin working with them on growing their business. Participants are more likely to start believing at the core of their being that their wildest dreams truly could become a reality.  New ideas and opportunities come into view.

Headswitch Principal Coach Leanne Knowles is a veteran of almost 3000 skydives; a former skydiving instructor and she won a silver medal for Australia in competitive skydiving in 1999.  She has been a business consultant and business coach for the past 12 years and is now combining two of her greatest passions into one extraordinary experience for business owners.

Although skydiving has occasionally been used in a corporate business setting for reward and motivation since Tandem skydiving was fist developed in the 1980’s, this particular approach is believed to be a world first.

We use the old adage ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ to transfer the experience of pushing through fear in the leap from a perfectly good airplane, into the day to day challenges of creating business success with velocity.

The first ‘Get Your Business Flying’ workshop will be held over two days from Thursday 11th April to Friday 12th April in Melbourne.  Similar workshops are planned for Sydney, Gold Coast and Noosa later in the year.  Check out our events page for more information and to book your place.

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