Helene Fuller, Active and ALIVE Health and Wellbeing Coach

“I chose Leanne Knowles as my business coach when I was ready to accomplish my dream of creating a Health and Wellbeing Coaching business. I knew that I didn’t have the acquired skills or expertise to do it effectively on my own, and Leanne came to me highly recommended.”

We started from the very basics, and spent the first few weeks getting to the ‘core’ of what was going on for me, both personally and professionally. This then created a stable foundation for creation of powerful goals and effective action around everything I needed to set myself up. Leanne consistently kept me to account – which I definitely needed – and she powerfully ‘guided’ me towards areas I would otherwise, in the past, avoided through fear or not believing in myself and what I was capable of. Leanne helped me to map out my year so that I could progress towards my goals step by step and I was able to look back and celebrate achievement and lessons learnt.”

“One of the most beneficial things about having Leanne as my coach was that I got to really get to the core of why I was doing what I was doing…every week she worked with me on all areas of my life so that I could make ‘everything’ work. I realised that my business would not be successful if the other areas in my life weren’t working. I highly recommend Leanne as a coach – she will bring honesty, workability, clarity and integrity to the relationship, and your business will definitely flourish for it.”