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The capacity of your teams to perform and produce results with minimum breakdowns and in alignment with your goals sets the foundation for the success of your business or organisation.  The significance of this relationship cannot be overstated and we know you want your teams to be operating at their full power.  That’s where we come in.

Headswitch specialises in working with three distinct industry sectors – Sport Organisations, Industry Associations and Corporate & Franchise Business.

We have tailored our workshops, training and coaching programs to meet the specific needs of each one of those sectors.  Contact Headswitch for a more detailed breakdown of content for your sector.

Programs for Corporate & Franchise Business

Mentoring is one of the most direct methods of generating engagement inside your staff teams, and increasing productivity for your business. However, effective mentoring is a skill that should be supported with training and development to ensure it meets its objectives and delivers the return on investment you expect.

Headswitch can train your existing mentors and help elevate their effectiveness, and if you are looking to get started, we can support you in setting up a simple, yet effective organisation wide mentoring program that is measurable and accountable.

Programs for Sport Organisations

We train your volunteers and field and club administrators, so your sport can achieve its full potential.  We can also provide you with a simple, yet comprehensive People & Culture strategy that sets up your sport to continue to thrive into the future.

The recruitment, retention and productivity of volunteers are ongoing challenges for all sporting organisations. As an industry, we routinely invest in training and professional development for our staff and executives, but we often overlook our volunteers and field administrators in this training, beyond technical skills directly related to their coaching or officiating roles. Headswitch has the answer.

Programs for Industry Associations

Mentoring in the workplace helps to increase the return on investment in training made by any business and lifts productivity and staff engagement.

We know that as an industry association, you want to add value to your membership offering, and this series of Headswitch programs has been designed with that in mind.

At the same time, you will have the tools to build a culture of workplace mentoring and build the capacity of your industry to thrive in the cut and thrust of a dynamic and highly competitive business environment.

Our programs fit perfectly inside an existing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program, or they can be used to help establish one.

Program Content

Headswitch Mentor Training will provide participants with the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to establish and develop a professional mentoring relationship with a less experienced staff member or sporting official.

It includes:

  1. Establish the need for a mentoring program
  2. An industry/business specific approach to mentoring
  3. Develop a mentoring plan
  4. Facilitate a mentoring relationship
  5. Monitor mentoring relationship
  6. Evaluate effectiveness of mentoring

Coaching Support

With every workshop series, a coaching program is available to support ongoing skill development and empower mastery and application of the content.  This can be as intensive or as open as you need, and can be customised to your requirements.

 Who will Benefit from participating?

This program can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a wide range of mentoring situations


Contact Leanne Knowles on 1300 85 86 23 or Leanne@headswitch.com.au for a confidential discussion about your needs.