SmartCompany Article features Headswitch

Michelle Hammond at Smart Company has profiled Headswitch’s latest business planning workshop.

Michelle’s article article published 19th February 2013 …

Business owners are being encouraged to “get their business flying” by participating in a workshop that begins with a tandem skydive, as business workshops become more outlandish.

The new workshop series, launched by Melbourne-based business coaching outfit Headswitch, uses tandem skydiving as a tool to help business owners grow their businesses faster.

The workshop begins with a tandem skydive and finishes with an intensive, one-day business planning workshop.

“When you want breakthrough results, you need to take breakthrough actions,” says Headswitch principal coach Leanne Knowles, a former skydiving instructor.

“Science tells us that mindset and perception drives our actions, and those actions in turn produce a set of results.

“We help our workshop participants find the mindset they need to dramatically increase business performance.

“Making a skydive immediately before our business planning workshop will reset the participants’ perspective about what they are capable of and what’s possible.”

Although skydiving has occasionally been used in a corporate business setting as a form of motivation, this particular approach is believed to be a world first.


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